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7 steps to Flawless Communication for Corporate is about empowering the employees. Empowering them not only to help the company, but first and foremost to really get in touch with who they are, what’s important to them and point out to them what they love about their work, what they love about their life, what they are interested in in their life, getting in touch with themselves connecting to what maybe for them is a priority in life which they haven’t even realized. Then how can they translate or transfer their personal passion and desire to their life and to the work there are doing.

By contributing to your employee’s personal journeys you are showing them that you honor them, you honor who they are and you honor their personal development. When people know you care they buy into your vision and concepts, remain loyal even if they are no longer working for you. Going beyond the verbal and visual communication allows you to energetically tap into other possibilities with your employees and your company that you may have never considered previously. Then when you have most of your employees creating with you, what more does that create energetically past what you can tangibly see or measure? How does that expand out into the world? How does your brand resonate on a different level and energetically attract new prospects and clients.

Once you have taken care of the well being of your staff, created an environment of self awareness, allowed them to get more in touch with themselves, in a safe place where they can drop their barriers and veils or the façade of who they think they are supposed to be in the world and at work. Allowing for a more authentic natural way of functioning for everyone from an honest and transparent place eliminating the need for judgment and competition, where everyone works cohesively together, because they have connected with who they are and disconnected from who they are not. Then what contribution can they be to themselves, their work environment and to the planet which in turn is part of your contribution to.

What are the possibilities or outcomes of the training? We will be able to facilitate 7 steps with the following scenarios – you choose which ones are the most relevant for your company:

  • Group exercises, how to write a CV, proposal letter, love letter, thank you letter
  • How to hire, dismiss an employee or deal with disciplinary issues
  • How to write an email, energy infuse, when to shut up when to speak, how to listen (how to use energy flows)
  • Presentation exercises, in front of the group
  • Social media writing and posting
  • 10 minutes to write a story
  • Talking about appropriate clothing
  • Show me the magic
  • Wellness and wellbeing, stress releasing
  • What have you learned about yourself during this training
  • What are your awareness’s?
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Relief
  • Leading others or Leading Leadings
  • Holding a meeting with ease
  • Presentation skills
  • Interacting and building relationships with clients
  • Dealing with complaints
  • How to conduct an interview or be interviewed
  • Managing change
  • What do you do if your employees have lost their confidence or trust in your organization?
  • Creating a culture that works and is sustainable that speaks to the essence of your company
  • Are you concerned about your employees wellbeing?
  • Do you empower your employees to step in to the company
  • Step up to be the best they can be
  • Step out and allow your company to be visible in the world
  • How can you motivate people without increasing their salaries
  • Are you reducing the expenses and overheads? Prepare your employees now!
  • Corporate budgets are going through expansion phase, how can we help to not contract but expand the possibility
  • How to manage information and situation when you are going to discontinue the line people working on
  • Once team restructures it effect the underwriting teams, how does the company keep employees engaged when they know that they will be retrenched or leaving
  • How to empower employees to know when is time to stay and when to go

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About 7Steps

Transforming ordinary encounters into an explosion of infinite possibilities...

The 7Steps method provides a fresh start to communication for those seeking to open up channels for easy interaction with others. Based on the book “7Steps to Flawless Communication” by Kass Thomas, which has already been translated into 11 languages, this method teaches practical steps that can be easily integrated into all aspects of daily life, whether you are looking at self development, improving interpersonal relationships or corporate training.

The book as well as the workshops and training program encourage individuals and groups to discover their own brand of magic which increases their confidence and enhances their ability to deal with unfamiliar or unexpected situations at home and in the workplace.

Even the monotonous and mundane can be transformed into a platform of possibilities when you and the people around you are willing to be inspired, creative and communicate flawlessly.

Discover these tools for yourself by reading the book, attending an introductory or 1-day class or dare to create more for others by participating in the 2 and 3-day teacher training programs.

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Kass Thomas

Best-selling author, coach and inspirational speaker

Kass travels the world facilitating and training people who are seeking to create more in their lives and businesses. She teaches classes and workshops, conducts interviews, consults with businesses and facilitates private sessions.

She is a motivational, inspiring and always dynamic speaker. She has the ability to lead people into being greater versions of themselves. Kass continually encourages people to use their own brand of magic to change their lives, those of the people around them and the world.

Kass Thomas

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